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I needing some help ASAP!
01 Impala 3.8 just got the car going on three months ago, great car not a problem with until now.
About three week’s ago I had to go out of town for three day’s, when I got back I jump in the Impala and battery was dead, so I try to jump it for over and hour and I was getting no click no start.
Two days later I put it on the charger (trickle) for 24 hours still the same thing
No click no start. I checked all my ground wires, they are all good, relays and fuses, all good. Battery was reading 12.35 so I bought a new one, plus a new starter to.
Starter gear jump around when testing it and teeth were round it off and little chewed up. I still get nothing, now I’m pissed. Radio shows LOCKED, on the dash it showing Service engine soon, security shows up on there but no flashing. I’ve done everything from unlocking the door with my key to waiting 10 minutes 3 times and checked all my lights.
Now it’s been at the Dealership for a week now, they have put a new ignition switch last Friday he said that’s what it needs, now today they have no clue, I told them they have one more day then I’m picking it up. Then he said, I need to pay the $702 bill first, I said for what y’all did do anything and it still as it was when I brought it here, not run on start no click.
What should I do? I need my car by Thursday to go to Kansas City for my Doctor’s appointment, I have Parkinson’s disease that’s why I get frustrated so easy anymore, because I have no dopamine.
I would appreciate it if anyone has any idea what it could be with the 01 impala,
It has a new starter new battery Dealership is flushed it and put a new ignition switch in it, still No click no start.

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"LOCKED", ... means your car is imagining its being stolen.
Everything GM thought of to keep a car from getting boosted has got to be reset.
Even though your car is still with you it's going to act stolen.
Because when the Battery gave-up its very last ampere defending your car against what it thought was a seasoned car thief or a desperate drug addict ... the radio committed suicide rather than letting a low-life, junkie fence it for his next fix.
Now, the Dealership is going to tell you to bring it in, ... so they can reset everything for you ... they could do, ... over the phone!!!
Don't give them more than nine hundred dollars for the tow and radio reset.
Ask them for a courtesy shuttle home.
As for a courtesy car if it will take them more than ten business days.

I know where you're coming from with the Parkinson's, brother.
I've had it for years.
Carba-dopa Leva-dopa ain't doing shit for me.
At 73, ... I'm at the point now, with it ... that if life was a long ride on MBTA Bus; I'd be yanking down on the rope signaling the driver to open the freaking rear doors at the next stop.
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