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UPDATE- Maybe I WAS wishing for too much too soon, but it was ok to dream, huh?

Hello-I'm a newbie here-so I ask you to be patient with someone who knows very little about newer cars. I have a chance to purchase a 1996 Impala SS with very low miles-and what can you tell me to look for/look out for in a low mileage SS? (Trouble areas).

AND-I have a general idea what I'd like to accomplish with this car if/when I can purchase it. Please give me realistic/not mean input and suggestions about my ideas because I need help seeing whether or not it's feasible.

Upgrading the LT1 with a supercharger-I'd like to acheive(if possible) a mid to low 11? second 1/4 mile beast that's still streetable.
Should the tranny be rebuilt or replaced if I'm looking for a 400-500rwhp ? I do happen to see where there's problems/issues with the stock unit-but have no idea on where to go/what tranny set-up is darn near indestructible..

Have a cat-back system-headers-hotter spark set-up-K&N(or similar) air intake system installed-replace the shocks and sway bars-improve the suspension any way that is better than stock. up-grade the brakes. hotter cam?/new heads?/intake manifold?

I'd like it to look like a stock SS as much as possible-what are the largest and widest rims that I can put on a SS to handle the upgrade in HP? It seems reasonable that more HP means larger and wider tires? What sounds good here-or just a pipedream? I need the help of people who know SS's inside and out. Right now I don't even know if the car is in good shape overall-or if the guy sold it since the last time I saw it....

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Hello and welcome to the community. You may get some funny answers but you will get resonable and helpfull answers to your questions.

The 96 you are looking at does not have an LS1 engine, it has the LT1 engine. Upgrading the engine may require some frame modifications to get the engine and accessories to fit and work.

Others on this forum will chime in and help with the questions you have about the performance enhancements you are wanting to do to this machine.

If possible see if the current owner has the maintenance records for this car to show you what has been done to it.

· have a lot of stuff running through your head like the rest of us. I suggest you go over to ISSF forum and read a lot before you go any further.

If you go with the LS3 or even go with a custom built LT1 with the hp you are wanting, your stock 4l60e tranny will not last. I am on my third at 135k miles. These transmissions are known to go bad in our cars at around 100-130k miles. Some guys go with a built 4l60e or 4l80 out of a truck, or a built TH350 or 400.

It is hard to have a 9 second car that looks totally streetable. With that much power, you better think about a roll cage and a good suspension set up.

My car runs mid 12's to low 13's (depending on the weather and location) with the following: ported aluminum heads, lpe211 cam, coated slp headers, ported intake, tb, and f body maf, 30 lb injectors, high flow cats, 3.73 gears, AN AMAZING PCM TUNE, well built trans with vigilante 3200 stall converter and transgo shift kit, and all of the bolt ons. For suspension, I am running in front: modified control arms with 11/16 ball joints, del alum bushings, f body sway bar.... back: metco control arms, instant center brackets, energy suspension bushings, hotchkis springs, and qa1 hal shocks all the way around. A lot of people are surprised by the performance of my car considering the "mild" cam (lol) but the guy who matched the heads, cam and tune was a genius!

Let me know if you have specific questions and maybe I can help.

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