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i am a newbie to this site , i never thought i would own one of these cars but i love them , my 1994 needs some work but its my DD also , Not sure if i have a caprice or an actual impala?? but i like it
Welcome to the website and the B-Body community! Like was said above post up some pics! Not sure if you are interested and want to go on a cruise, but have you heard about the Impala get together the 14th Mar in San Diego? So far it looks like there will be about 50 cars there. I made the post in the Regional, west coast section. Here are the details:

Here is the update from Barry:

Cali-SS March 14th Meet. UPDATE!


Ok guys.....Here's the gameplan:

March 14, we really need everyone to be in San Diego(at the hotel) by 11:00am. So, LA & Vegas guys are going to need to time it. I know this will be early for you Vegas guys, sorry. Check into the hotel at 11:00 and get to the diner by noon. The diner is located on the outside of a food court which has other restaurants. I encourage you to eat at the diner only because the owner is hosting us and giving free re-fill soda vouchers while we are there.

Diner Info:
The Classic Malt Shop
3615 Midway Drive
San Diego, CA 92110

Figured we'd hang out at the diner from about noon-3:00pm then go over to a park near the bay/beach and take some photos. From there we go on a little cruise and lead folks back to the hotel around 5:00. People can freshen up in their rooms and we go to dinner somewhere around 6-7:00. After that some may want to go Downtown to "The Gaslap District".(bars, restaurants, clubs, etc...)

*If there is enough interest, we can do a champagne brunch close by the next morning?

Hotel info:
Best Western Hacienda Hotel Old Town
4041 Harney Street
San Diego, CA 92110
reservations: 800-888-1991

Don't forget to mention that you are with "Cali-SS". The room rate is $125/night for either a king or two queens. Should come out to roughly $145/room after taxes and their little BS surcharge. If there is any problems with reserving your room, please contact me directly at: [email protected] and I will contact the Director of the hotel. Feel free to email me for any questions or concerns. Us few San Diego members are honored that all you guys from LA & Vegas could come down. It's that comraderie and devotion that makes this club great!.

P.S. Dave, if I'm missing anything you would like to add anything, please chime in.

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