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Like the title says, this is a new to me 2008 3.5 Flex LS. Like it so far, know of a few issues I need to fix, but that is to be expected with a 14 year old car.

Done so far :
Remote Fob (didn't have one)
Deflector/Vent Shade (See window regulator issue)
Tires - Had 2 sizes (not offset) 3 brands, and all were between 6-8 years old per the DOT code

Known Issues
CEL : Have to get a code reader for my own, but believe it is the evap code (will change gas cap first)
Driver Mirror - No movement
Driver Rear window - No movement (have to investigate regulator or switch)
TPMS lights - Not sure if sensors are in, will have to check (didn't bother to check (yes I am an idiot (yes I like "()")))
Brake pads / Rear
More to come I am sure

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