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I am consdering getting a car for my son and he likes the Impala SS, 2004. This car is Super Charged and requires prem fuel. What other issues would I have to look forward to with this car give it may have 30 to 50k miles?

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engine 3.8sc v/s 3.8 v/s 3.4
abs/trac cntrl
gauges (no tach avail on 3.4, option on base 3.8, std w/ sport/LS/SS)
LS/SS came w/ different suspensions, and a different steering ratio compared to the 3.4 (FE4 package IIRC)
other int. trim difference
"HD" trans (really just the diff, parking, sun gear, and pass axle)
04s were only black, 05s were black, burg, silver, Blue
I know theres more but those are the ones off the top of my head

The SS came in around 35ish loaded
LS 28 Loaded (mine was stickered @ 26 w/o leather)
base started around 20 IIRC

13k isnt bad for an SS, Ive seen 3.4s going for 9k :eek:

Issues -Stay away from the 3.4..nuff said
SS will have higher insurance, but more "fun" of a car
clogged cats can be an issue
Trannys are hit and miss, some say theyre weak, I beat the piss out of mine, and my car is modded, nothing has broken, however the cluthes did wear out.
Wheel Hubs can be an issue as well, but easy to replace yourself.

Im sure youll prob get a laundry list of people that had this or thatissue that i didnt list, but those are the "more freq" issues i have seen

The 3.8 is a great engine, w/ reg maintainence, it'll last 100k+
I have 70k+ on mine and put it thru more abuse than most people ever will.
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