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Hey guys..... and girls,
I am new to Impalas, mostly ford and owned many others. I recently purchased a 2015 Impala LTZ, I do not know what generation that would be,(maybe you can tell me) . I purchased the car to run to work and back. My commute to work is 1.5hrs and the other night I hat a raccoon. This was the biggest meanest coon I ever saw... lol. Anyway he took out my right side driving light and cracked my bumper cover (about 1.5 inch crack) So If there are any body guys in here, I was hoping you could tell me where the fasteners are on the bumper cover. I googeled and searched this forum for days and best I can find is an older post on a 12 impala that says under the wheel well 1 bolt and several under the bottom. Can anybody give some better specifics? I will make a video when I do this. Also has anybody had any luck with repairing small cracks?
Sorry this is so long winded, but what do yall do when you rotate the tires since they need re-programed to each specific location?... Thanks for any help guys
PS. being new to Impalas, I want to say, this is the smoothest car I have ever driven. I like the car, just need to get the side detection problem fixed, chevy says they will fix it this week covered under the extended service.
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