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Alright gentlemen,
New to the boards, and actually new to my box Chevy. My brother bought a 1985 Caprice Classic from an old lady that had it for 23 years. 100k original miles to date. He gave it to me when he got tired of it (he drove it as a daily driver.)

I got my hands on it, and plan on smoothing it out. No Bags, no lift, nothing over 22''... just clean.

Exterior: Grandma Cream.
Interior: Grandma Marigold with Brown trim.

Exterior: Black with removed badging, molding, chrome runner, and wheel well trims.
Interior: Black and Silver.

Got a newbie question for you fellas, however.

Will the 86-90 tail lights bolt on the 80-85? I figured you'd have to change the entire housing that surrounds the tail lights, just getting my information straight. My concern is inner structure, is it the same?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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