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New Tires

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My tires are starting to wear out and I will have to replace them soon. I have a 2005 impala. Does any one know any recommended tires that do not create to much road noise?
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Depends on your budget. The pirelli p4 is a nice tire, excellent all weather traction, smooth and quiet, 99,000 mile warranty, and about $115 per tire pretty reasonably priced. Falken makes some cheaper ones that are pretty nice, about $75 each.
Discount Tire Co.

I'm not a fan of the symmetry, traction is so-so and they cost more than the pirelli. Other than that they are a good tire though.
So those prices are in Canadian dollars? Not bad.
They were the most bang for your buck when I got them, not the best tires I've ever had, but for the price they couldn't be beaten. The best tires I ever had were bridgestone potenza RE910's, they stopped making that model years ago, but they just would not let go.
They don't last on the 8th gens, but they do ok on the 7th gens. But even still, with a 99k warranty they are cheap to replace when they wear out.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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