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New Tires

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My tires are starting to wear out and I will have to replace them soon. I have a 2005 impala. Does any one know any recommended tires that do not create to much road noise?
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Yeah for 16's you should be able to find decent tires for around $100 all day. I recommend finding a local tire shop (small business style, not a pep boys) and seeing what the have to offer, if they have any special deals, etc.

Just be careful of buying tires online... On top of the shipping costs (which actually arent that terrible from tirerack), most shops will charge you a pretty penny extra to mount and balance tires that are brought in from an external source. best bet is to call a shop ahead of time and ask what the mounting prices are each way. Ive seen firsthand shops that charge $40 if the tires are bought in house vs. $100 if bought elsewhere. Thats an extra $15 per tire.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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