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New owner, first Chevy!

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Hiya! I'm TheN00b, a guy who's a bit mechanically inclined but thinks he can do anything (which normally ends with calling a buddy to help). Always been a Japanese car guy (because I know they work) but I recently bought a 2012 LTZ with relatively low miles on it, and got it for a killer deal. I was originally looking for an Accord to replace an aging SUV that frankly is about dead, but this Impala was at the same dealership as the Accord, so I drove it and enjoyed it so much more than the Accord. I'm here to mostly learn how to care for my new machine and keep it running for as long as I can! All service records were cut off for my machine around the 50K mile mark, so I'm starting back there and doing things one at a time. I have never done transmission fluid change before, but I have done a lot of other maintenance-type things and a few more extreme things to my current SUV. However, that thing is dead easy/stupid simple to work on, so I'm a bit nervous. But, I'll learn!

Sorry for the long intro, thanks for having me here! Pics will be soon, it's been dreadfully rainy around these parts recently.
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Welcome to the Impala Forum!!
Yes we would like pics when you can :)
Welcome!! :beer: I can't WAIT to see pics!!!:D


I can't wait......;)
Regular maintenance on the 8th gen W-body Impala is fairly straightforward; I will argue that it is more straightforward than on many japanese cars, but that is a fight for another day.

The 6 speed automatic is ridiculously easy to change trans fluid since GM took away the transmission pan and designed-in a drain plug. if you can unscrew an engine oil drain plug, then you can essentially do the same on the transmission.

Assuming you bought a well taken care of example, you are in for a pretty good experience.
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