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Hello Everyone. I dont have any pictures to post yet, but will be working on them in the next week or two. I have a Black 63 SSthat is a one owner ride, left to me by my Grandfather. It is not restored, but all original and in very good shape. The 327 has been rebuilt, completely stock, and runs like a top. I hope to have some body work done this summer or next, and get a fresh paint job. I do need to replace the turn signal switch, as Texas wont pass it for their state inspection since you have to hold the lever up or down to keep the signal going. It cancels fine, just wont stay engaged. So far it looks like there isnt a shortage of restoration parts houses, but I would be very interested in hearing from members who have had experience with them and could recommend their choice for some of the following:

Weather stipping
Electrical parts
Plastic AC vents (the round ones left and right - replace or re-plate?)

Appreciate your comments, I will be posting some pictures soon.
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