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finally decided to see what this forum was about. Whats going on everyone, im also a member over at, Car is mostly stock now, except for exhaust im running spintech proshootouts, dynomax pipes. Plans for the future or either a 600 hp golen 383, or a 572 big block, not sure yet if i want to spend all that money on the 572.

Old look of car as of last week

New look as of two days ago, switched wheels and tires for coys c5, rubbing in back right now with the large tires, trying to figure a way to fix that, currently running adapters so thats why im rubbing. Car is currently going through a lower mileage lt1 engine swap so dont mind the hood not be on correctly, Dont mind the dirty car its been sitting for two months, cant wait to get her back on the road

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