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Hello! New member here. My Fiancé just bought a 2007 Impala SS. I love this car, it's very fast and drives beautifully. However there are issues that need to ne taken care of which I will hunt down and fix one by one.
First up is reconstructing the rocker panels. I have a good friend that has come forward to tackle the job. I am a mechanic, but bodywork is not my forte. And being a mechanic, my newest car otherwise is a 1996 Caprice Classic B4U. So these "newer" cars are new territory for me. I pay the bills by wrenching on transit buses. It was 1998 when I left the automotive sector.
Also, the CEL is on, the code refers to High Oil pressure. There is a strange plasticy rattle coming from under the hood. It starts about 3 minutes after the engine is started and does not change with engine RPM. The car also needs mufflers. I'd like to keep the original tips, but aftermarket suggestions are welcome.
We both plan to enjoy the car for years to come. Overall it's in very good condition. The interior is perfect. Paint is also near perfect.

Thank You!
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