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Hey there, guys!

So you probably noticed there's a new forum category called "Impala Reviews." I created this section because I noticed a few of our members have taken the liberty of doing some really well-written and fair reviews. With that said, this is an opportunity to offer members and guests a place to research a vehicle before they buy!

Now, just to keep us on the same page.

This forum is for VEHICLE reviews only. DO NOT post specific vehicle questions/problems, product reviews, company reviews, etc. here.

On that note, all threads must be moderator approved for the time being so that we can guarantee quality information is posted here. All posts are subject to review, minor edits, relocation and even deletion by the staff if there is a justifiable reason. We are very quick to approve threads typically and fair in our assessments. All we ask is that people follow the rules or politely discuss with us something you don't agree with.

Now, without further adieu, I will move the first post here! :beer:

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Hey, Don!

Since the 2014 - 2016 fleet Impalas were manufactured in parallel with the new platform cars, but are basically just more recent releases of the Gen8 Impalas, it might be nice to rename the "2006-2013 Impala Reviews" section to something like "2006-2013 Impala & 2014+ Impala Limited Reviews."

Newer Limited reviews seem a bit out of place in the "2014+ Impala Reviews" section. Just a thought.

Cheers! :beer:

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