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Hello everyone. Proud owner of an 08 Impala SS. Got her with 24 miles on the on the clock and just recently got through the 500 miles "break in". Just over 27grand out the door, so I think I got an OK deal on it. This is the first v8 Ive ever had and my last 2 vehicles were trucks, so I'm still kind of getting used to driving it. Traded in my 05 Colorado Z71 for the SS. Kind of miss having a truck but this a much nicer vehicle.
Looking real quick through some of the threads on here, I see that at least half of the members on here already dont like me and my FWD Impala. Just go easy on me though, Ive got a 96 SS waiting in the wings just as soon as my father-in-law decides to give it up. Might take a while as he loves that car, but Ive been nagging him about it ever since i met him. That is also when I first fell in love with the Impala SS. I even offered to give him his daughter (my wife) back in exchange for it!
So to summarize, new Impala SS, new to the forum. Would post pics, but I'm sure everyone knows what an Impala looks like now-a-days. Thanks for listening.
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