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Hi i stumbled across this forum while researching wheel sizing for a 66 belair that i bought online from Phoenix yesterday.
As mentioned in the title im in Australia. finding any information from tyre and rim shops confusing to say the least.
most give you a car choice to pick wheels for but none have 66 belair. one gave me the choice of impala or chevelle and i assumed the impala was much closer to the belair.
i was looking at American racing wheels VN109 which is a 15x7 inch rim. i was looking at 225 70 15 tyres.
Please excuse my ignorance im a foreigner LOL
maybe im in the wrong place.


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Welcome! ?
I'm sure given a bit of time, that someone will post back. I'm pretty sure the tires will be the same across the boards, though. Bisqayne, Bel Aire, Impala and Caprice.

You can always go to the forum here for your cars year and post the question there.

Look here....

Impala 1st - 5th Gen Discussion

Oh, annnndddd.....MOAR PICS!!!!!:cool::geek:
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