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Hey everyone. I'm new to the forums and have a 04 IMPALA SS and just wondering a couple performance mods and a couple of sites to get parts from? Another question is what psi does the stock supercharger run at? and whats the safest psi the stock block can hold? also as for exhaust do y'all have any vids? and whats the most recommened exhaust brand and setup. thnx for all the help i really appreciate it.

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In no particular order!

1) ZZP aka ZZPerformance
-ZZP carries a wide variety of 3.8L performance parts. They mainly deal with the Grand Prix however all drivetrain items are basically a direct fit.
-Contact info available on the ZZP website
*ZZP also has an impressive collection of tech articles ranging from unnecessary mods to proper launching techniques.

2) 3800 Performance
-These guys also have a wide array of parts. However they do touch on some areas where ZZP isn't as big. They do get into brakes and offer a wider selection of suspension components. If you're looking for a wider powertrain selection you may have to hit up the Grand Prix area here as well.

3800 Performance has good customer service although in my limited dealings with them, it seemed to be less personal than with some others.

3) PFYC aka Parts For Your Car
-This site is an all encompassing site. They have sections for everything from Impala to Corvette to Oldsmobile...etc. A wide variety of parts ranging from interior/exterior items to car care, to wheels/tires to performane parts.

*One feature on PFYC I haven't seen anywhere else is that on many items they have install instructions online. I find this useful, especially to the novice individual so that they may see what installing the part or doing the modification will entail prior to buying the part and attempting the install. I used this feature with my headers so see how much work the install was going to be.

Good customer service here as well.

4) Intense Racing
-Intense is primarily performance only site. Everything from mild to outright insane. PCM programming to race prepped 3.8L engine blocks. Some good info and multimedia can be seen here as well. Intense used to carry some ZZP parts, but not so much anymore.

Intense racing has some awesome customer service. Always quick to return emails and really take care of customers.

5) Street Trends
- =BBODY&Category_Code=00IMP
- Seems to focus more on appearance/external mods.

I can't really provide feedback on customer service. This link was submitted by another newimpala member.

6) Thrasher
- Performance, performance, performance. What can I say they started way back in the day with the Grand Nationals, so I imagine it's safe to say they know something about 3.8L forced induction.

Can't comment on customer service here either. I will be getting my shift kit from them.

7) HP Tuners
-OBD II PCM editing software/hardware.
Feeling ballsy and smart? Go here to get the hardware
software you need to reprogram your own PCM.

Excellent customer service and great info boards for those wanting to get into PCM tuning.

8) NAISSO's Impala Superstore
- 6&cat=2000%2B+Impala
-3 Pages of various 2K+ Impalas from Jet Performance modules to car bras, and dress up items.

Another site I have yet to order from.

-Need an alcohol/water injection setup to help fight KR? These are the guys to help you do it. Very popular with the Grand National crowd. I am currently researching to see if this is a mod I'll need or if I will go with the intercooler.

Awesome customer service, and I haven't even ordered yet. Really know their business. Super quick response. soon to be

The smallest pulley you can TYPICALLY run is a 3.4" IMO if you are going to be swapping pullies by a MPS, so you'll only have to do it once, the pullies are pressed on, so remove the stock, press on the MPS, and then pulley changes are only removing a few bolts. Threes a few systems out there, but ZZP's and Intense's are interchangable (keep that in mind). These cars always seem to mod differently so you will have to SCAN your car and make sure there isnt any knock (zzp has agood article on it in their tech section if you are unsure of what it is)
if you drop pullies i HIGHLY suggest a downpipe and possibly front powerlog, they'll help elim *KR

for exhaust search here and also you tube/streetfire/googlevid for gtp/impala/3800 exhaust theres TONS of vids online of different setups
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