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Whats up - Im new to this forum - I came over from Stangnet cuz i used to have a 5.0 mustang - but now i got this impala - it was all maroon when i bought it w/ 28k on it and the moldings were black plastic all the way around and rockers as well, and it even had grandpop wheels - The shop I worked at was bought out n the new owners are fucked up so I quit, but I've been painting cars for the last 5 years - so i wanted to make this car look really cool - neways, just comin on here to bullshit w/ you guys about diff aft mrkt parts there are that i dont konw about - because i just started workin on this car like 2 months ago I haven't really looked into nething much !!

ANNND apearantly I need 15 posts or more to post pictures cuz I just tried - that sucks -
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