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I bought a 1962 Chevrolet about two years ago as a project car and got as far as carefully dismantling it. Being that the vehicle was in it's complete original shape (except for fuel pump), I expected some damage. I only broke the heads on five bumper bolts. For a first timer, I was satisfied.
Now, I'm nowhere near being a great bodyman or estimate person, but I have seen far worst vehicles, driven daily than what I saw once I had gotten down to the chasis. What I thought was rusted out metal, turned out to be compacted gravel road dirty, hard as cement, color of rust. I wire brushed a small portion to get a good look and other than the new scuff marks, it look good to me.
Prior to buying this car, I was diagnosed with a anti-inflam. disease called "Syjogren's Syndrome" witch is a story in itself, so in a nutshell, it definitely limits my quality of life. Since then, I've been teaching myself piano. This brings me to why I am here.
Yes, I am selling my vehicle, but there's a story to it.
I fell in love with this new keyboard from a company called OPENLABS
and am willing to trade my vehicle for a NEKO KEYBOARD

I will be posting some pics of the vihicle after the dismantle

1962 Chevrolet Impala
4 Dr.
satin silver/blue inter.
3 speed (3 on The Tree)
Chevy 283 with 87,000 original miles (Past Registrations Proven)
2-Jet carb.
3-Piece bumpers
All working electrical components in dash/inter./exterior/
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