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Hi all,
Ive pretty much always owned VW or Toyotas my life.The only US made car I have ever owned was a Jeep.So my knollage of American cars is nill.I have moved to Oshawa Ont and want to sell my VW and get a Chev.I have about
5 to 6K to spend and figure I can get a 03/04 Impala or Malibu.What should I look for when Im inpecting a car?What kind of kms should a 5 to 6 thousand km car have on it?How many kms do these cars last before common things break ( ie on auto VWs you can expect an auto trans to last only 160 km).
What kind of mileage should I expect?I get 5.4/100 km with my Jetta diesel.
I know I will get nothing near that with the Chev but the maintaince cost will be way less.Parts are less $$ too.So I figure what I pay in fuel will be ofset by less expessive parts.A timing belt job on a Jetta is $400 in parts.$1000
if done at dealer.Brakes for all 4 corners will cost you $300 to $400 for parts.
A do it your self oil chane is $60.The parts cost alot but I do get 1000km on a tank of diesel 55L.Anyways I am ready to buy domestic and just need some here is your chance to give your 2 cents.Thanks for reading my post.
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