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Need to replace right side cooling fan motor ideas?

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When i put the vin into gm parts, it is showing the left side motor for a police car (which is what it is) but the right side motor is showing non police.

Is the right side motor the same?
Do i need to change the fan blade or should they come off?

Am i better off getting a whole aftermarket fan? (Plan to keep the car a lot longer)

Thank you for any input
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Year and model would definitely help here.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to use my 2008 3.9 as an example. Looking up the parts, it sure seems like you can simply replace the motor if you like. However, that requires the fan blade kit to go along with it. And, who's to say your left side motor isn't far behind in quitting on you?

The fan blade kit + motor will probably run you about $90 to $100 each side. An entire cooling fan assembly goes from $90+ to about $130. Since you're going to need to remove the entire fan assembly to replace the motor and blades anyway, why not just drop in a whole new radiator fan? Assuming worst case scenario and your left side motor fails soon after you replace the right side, you're going to have to spend another $90 to $100 and remove and reinstall the radiator fan again. Quite literally double the money and double the work.

Especially since you say you plan to keep the car a lot longer, I strongly suggest just getting a whole new fan assembly.

Hope this helps :)
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