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Need Local Help

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Hey guys,
I'm still pretty new on this forum and with with my 1996 Impala. I am looking to get some engine upgrade work done but I don't want to just take it to anyone and I don't trust myself to do it just yet. Does anyone know of someone in Indianapolis or close that can help me out? I am looking to do 3.73 gears, new headers, exhaust, CAI system, F-body MAF, PCM Programming, torque converter, etc....Just basic upgrades :lol:

It's summer time and I want to get the engine work done this summer so someone please help me.

Feel free to call/text me if you have any suggestions or help: 317-938-2813

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Look up some of the folks from INDIPALASS club.. Find Chino He can help.. - Home

Hope you can hook up with your local club..
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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