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Hello every1 I am a new member here and i would like to ask a couple of questions or three about my impala ss 95 if any1 has the answer or maybe some suggestions i would REALLY appreciate it. First is why when i put my car on drive or reverse does it start to shake and the idle seems to slow down like it wants to shut down but this only happens when i put on drive or reverse not on parking, also once I am at about 10-15 mphs it stops but when im slowing down at the red light it starts to shake again right before i make a complete stop and once i completely stop it continues to shake like its going to shut down? My second question is that my ABS light goes on and stays that way and due to that now my break pedal feels like it gets stiff when i hit the break? Please any1 if you think you can help i really want to hear about it. Thankyou very much.
my exrerience with a ratty idle in gear is a bad egr or egr solenoid
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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