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Need Help With Restoration Info

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I am starting the restoration of a 1963 Impala Supersport. It is one of three projects I have going. I've been working for about six weeks on a '67 Buick Skylark and a '67 LeMans OHC6 SPRINT (rare).
I began some preliminary work today. I unassembled the one piece front and rear bumpers, I cleaned up the 15" chromed reverse rims that come with it. and I cleaned up the center storage console and shift console.
The car has a Mr Goodwrench 350 which I may be pulling. I have a 396, 350hp with an aluminum 4sp, And I also have a 327 short block that came out of a '66 SS. Since I don't know what the original engine was, I'm tempted to use one or the other.
The car has little or no rust. It has power windows (Non op at present). I was planning on doing a frame on restoration, but since I found out from the little I understand the Trim Plate, the car was originally Autumn Gold, I may sell my other two projects and concentrate on doing a frame-off restoration with the 396 and 4sp, or the 327 with a 700R4 transmission and use the same shift console. That Autumn Gold looks awesome to me.
I am posting a pic of the Trim Plate and I hope someone here can give me a good interpretaion of the original car design. also posting other two projects.

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Wonderful options! Let us know your ultimate decision and how the restoration is going....
If no one jumps in here, stop over to the other Impala site. We are more focused on the older cars there and we have some pretty good experts that can de-code your cowl tag there:

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