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Need help with '66 Biscayne trim code

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Hello from SoCal!

Hey guys (and gals), I need some help with a trim code on a '66 Biscayne.

The code is 2Q. I know the Q is for the M21 4-spd. But I can't find any info on the '2'. I won't say what I believe it to be, because I don't want to sway any opinions at this point, but here's some info on the car:

Danube Blue, 2dr post, rubber mat, bench seat, factory M21, F41 suspension, 12 bolt posi w/factory 4.10 ratio, factory in-dash tach, factory radio delete. Some owner history (first 2 owners), no protecto plate.

It's in great shape and is very drivable and presntable, and NO it's not for sale!

I'll buy dinner for anyone who can positively identify this car is what we believe it to be!

Please feel free to email me direct.

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Here are a couple links, see if this helps you any. :smile:

another one

and some extra info that may be useful

Hope this helps you out some, I tend to google the crap outta all my projects so I can get a clue as to what they started out as. :eek: I decoded a 70 1/2 Z/28 just after taking it to the crusher :mad:
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