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Nearly new aftermarket wheels/tires 18"

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My 2015 Impala got totaled while it had the stock wheels and winter tires on it- thanks to an uninsured NH driver. Just prior to putting on my winter set, I purchased new 18" Monte Titano 18x8 wheels with Cooper ST Touring tires w/TPMS sensors from Tire Rack and luckily had just removed them prior to accident. They are balanced perfectly, smooth and more quiet than the Continentals we had. About 600 miles on the set, no scratches, tires still measure the same tread depth as new. Replaced the car with a Buick, so these won't fit. Stock size wheels and tires. Located in Vermont, can meet within a reasonable distance. I can drop off at a UPS store if you want them shipped at your expense.

I can email pics- Could pass for new, they were only on the car for a few weeks at most and about 600 miles. $750/set


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