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Anybody else have this problem? My son has a 2000 chevy Impala which initially needed a valve job, so we thought, as the rods were getting pretty loud and yesterday he heard a loud noise and the engine just quit. I'm thinking the engine is blown...we had to have it towed to my house and won't start at all. I was thinking this car is pretty new to have a blown engine. Has this happened to anyone else with a 2000 chevy impala? How much to buy another engine if I have someone to put it in...?? Anybody have any ideas at all about this?

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My money's on broken camshaft if it's a 3.4

Or the pan got full of anti-freeze. Check the oil level, if it's WAAAY overfilled and looks like a milkshake, there's coolant in the oil.

Post back with more info.

FWIW: I've put motors in stuff with less than 10,000kms on them, and less than 6months old.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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