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similar to those forums

Yesterday i was driving and noticed my car is now making noises when i have the a/c running

i have this problem where if the temp gauge isnt reading the car's temp, the a/c wont be cold.... if it is readin the temp the a/c is antartic cold....

it sounds like a winding cranking noise when my car is idle and when i accelerate it sounds like an impala + a honda civic motor buzzing under the real engine

i own a 2002 v6 3800 impala, the police pkg one... has 89,000 miles on it, i have replaced the full radiator hoses and thermostat before

any advice or ideas what could be ? someone said it could b the bearings on my fan, the car will stay cool if the temp works, but if i keep the a/c on i get the cranking winding noise, if i turn it off the car is silent like a ninja

please help i love my impala and want to love it more ive only owned it since 67,000mi ><

love u guys too, PLEASE HELP!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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