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I know that basically the Cadillac Fleetwoods are built on the same platform as the old Buick Roadmasters, so I figured I'd post up a few pictures of a good friend of mine's Broughams.
He has two different Fleetwoods! Both are customized in completely different styles. One is more of the Houston SLAB look, while the other is that of the LOWRIDER look.

The blurple one has 1 15" Digital Designs Subwoofer that hit at 141.9 at Kill Switch Car Show, last month. He took first place in the beat competition there, beating a guy with 8 12" Kicker subs.

This Lac is Candy Blurple, with custom airbrushing all around. It's on airbags on the front and back. DD 9515 in custom ported box, DD amplifier, Massive Audio amps for the mids & highs. Custom pop trunk, paneling, sign. All four lambo doors.

His car next to mine!

All four doors are Lamborghini style! :)

Complete Custom Airbrushing! On the hood and trunk of this car!

The one DD 9515 that does WORK!

Trunk Paneling!

Pop Trunk Sign!
"Good Night HOUSTON Cadillac Dreaming"

His Other Fleetwood! One Hydraulics!
This car has the highest 3-wheel in Houston!
It also has 4, yes... 4! DD 9515's walled off in the back seat!
Custom airbrushing all around!

3-Wheel Motion!

Touching Down!

Hopefully this is the semi-appropriate place to put this post!
Hope y'all enjoy the pictures.

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Love the old school wheel and tire combo on the "plurble" one (???) Not into the mural, just not my thing, but it was well done. I like that one alot. Thanks for the pics!
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