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This is an AWESOME video of my SWEET fast truck.

Ok, not really all that fast.

In fact, it's pretty slow.

But it LOOKS fast. Maybe I should take it to a honda convention :biggrin:. Watch the vid, then read the rest below.

MySpaceTV Videos: 0-60 by Big Red

I hated the stock gauge cluster, as a stick shift without a tach is, well, like a stick shift without a tach. I went to the local junkyard, and lo and behold they had a gauge cluster, with a tach. SWEET. I bought it, and the associated wiring, and the DRAC (Digital Ratio Adapter Controller, mini computer that controls the speedo) and after a LONG ANNOYING time (kinda like this post I guess) I finally got it installed and everything working how it should (except for the cruise control and the anti-lock system for the rear brakes, but who needs brakes right?), except that it was off by about 25mph too fast. So thinks I, wait a minute, that'll make a great vid. 0-60 in about 4.5 seconds in a pickup (actually about 0-40). Ha ha ha. I recalibrated the DRAC shortly thereafter. It's accurate to within 2 mph at 80.

Post Script.

After all that work, about a month after i recalibrated it, the wiring harness had a clip failure, and snagged on one of the ears for the front driveline u-joint, and ripped that part of the wiring harness right out from underneath the truck.

I don't have a speedo any more.

But hey, I have a tach.
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