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Ok, so this dude right now (literally) is wanting to race my dad's 1985 Oldsmobile 442 when i bring it tomorrow...

Both are pretty stock, except both have Flow 40's...

His Caprice has over 100,000 original miles on it; my Olds has 120,000, but the motor (which is the same as the stock, but was put in when the first owner had it, because the motor was faulty) has uner 50,000 miles (but near the 50 mark)

So yeah, he's probably got the 350 or the 305; either one would be carbureted, as is the 307 in the '85 Olds...

So who do you think would win? keep in mind he either would have the 3 or 4 auto, and i have the 4 auto with an Overdrive (all original on the 442)... and the 307 has a 4-barrel...

Who would win in a humiliating defeat? (My money is on me)

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I wouldn't race him , he has a sleeper with a 406 :wink:

Nice first post , theres a lot of those this week .
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