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Discussion Starter · #1 · he will be upside downed.? Will it be better if he trades it in for a honda for about $12,000, and he owes about $10,000 for the impala, i guess its worth about $7000. i would take up the notes for the honda and he could get the truck. would this be a good idea or what should we do

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um...with the way gas is, a tahoe is gonna kill you guys in gas. The Honda will do great. I think this is something you could figure out on your own but trading with a dealer, you are guaranteed to lose your ass. Sell the Impala locally (if you must:frown:) and again, i would advise not letting a dealer steal it from under you.

I see your predicament though, trade it in, you get financing, sell it out right, your still going to be upside down.

If you get $7,000 for it locally and he owes $10,000, the dealership should be able to take that $3,000 remaining and incorporate it into you new loan allowing the new buyer of the Impala to obtain the title.
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