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My car with 45,000 miles on it has the following issues...

1. The car jerks at every shift after it warms up

2. After I back out of the driveway and shift into drive I accelerate, the car revs kind of high, moves a little, then catches on and jerks really hard. After that...

3. The car drives normal for about 10 minutes, then it starts to jerk at every shift (1,2,3)

::I've had the transmission fluid flushed by the dealer already::
::No Help::

4. Also, there is this "clattering" sound when I accelerate while i'm going about 25 mph. It clatters and stops after I reach about 40 mph

5. Today I was waiting in the car in the parking lot with the car on, and in park. The car trembled noticealby, like it was going to die out. It's done that twice

6. The gas guage isn't so accurate get in the car in the morning and it says it has a little left...once I get out of the neighborhood it's below the red line, then the "low fuel" message appears

Several times already I notice that when I take off from a dead stop the car won't shift into 2nd unitl its going about 40 miles per hour

Also, the other day I was going about 55 mph and I wanted to pass this other car so I floored it, and it really struggled for about 5 seconds (pretty much did nothing) then jerked extremely hard then sped up...too late.
I couldn't pass the vehicle.

It has about 4,800 miles of warranty left...heres the thing...

The dealer says that they have to "Tear-down" the transmission, which costs $1,100.00 if they don't find a problem. If they do the warranty (insurance) will pay for the repair and the 1,100.00.

Dude, the car is about 2 1/2 years old, and I'm making it in?
Thanks for the first two answers, but what about the other issues i'm having...trembling?

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Do not take the dealers bluff.

How many times have the Dealer looked in to these problems you are having? Do not take the bluff from the dealer that you have to pay for anything! This car is still under warrenty. If you are not getting the help you need try calling Chevrolet in Detroit. Here is their Number: 1-800-222-1020. They should help you get your car running like it did when you bought it. I do question if it is in the transmission or an engine problem. When you were running the car at ildel with the trans. in park the engine should not be running ruff. Except for backing up all other problems could be engine related. Get a qualified dealer to help you get it fixed. And please post what was done to fix it, I would like to hear about it.
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