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So this is one of the many electronic issues with my impala is it simple to fix

Usually when the HVAC fan only runs on one speed, it is a defective HVAC blower resistor. It is mounted on the HVAC case below the glove compartment. It is often held to the blower case with two screws and has a wiring connector to it.

I always suggest OEM ACDelco parts due to their high quality and exact fit (compared to many aftermarket parts).

You may want to wiggle and/or remove the HVAC blower fan wiring connector first, to ensure it is not loose or burnt. Also wiggle to wiring connector for the resistor.

There may be a “hush panel” under the glove compartment, which is easy to remove, by removing the plastic nail fasteners that hold it to the underside of the dash panel.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts