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I just recently got my CEL went to O reillys to get it checked and it was P0018 code Bank 2. The car is running fine no power lost at all. It pulls and it idles very well. No delay. Only thing i can remember was weeks ago during thanksgiving holiday i put some chevron 93 in the car. And it kindly stalled to 500 rpms while at a light. I refilled with shell and it never happened again. That was weeks ago. Im open to any advice thx.

Did you try resetting the code? Does it come back right away? It may be a bad sensor or wiring. I would check the wires to the cam and crank sensors, make sure they look good. How many miles on the car? I haven't heard of any issues with these timing chains, but I suppose that would be a possibility. My first steps would be to check the wiring, then replace the sensors. After that...I would be looking for advice from others. Haha.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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