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More information on a Supercharger or just stick to the basics?

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I read and printed the "basics" to make a B Body faster and it was great advice for a rookie however I see Vortec makes super chargers for the SS. I have a 1994 and all stock. I know I need to do upgrades but I wanted to know your advice on these superchargers?

Jegs Vortech 4GP218-030T Vortech GM Superchargers
RMCR Rocky Mountain Competitve Research
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For the sake of your car and wallet I recommend forgoing a SC. In fact, I personally wouldnt buy a 94-96 SS unless it was all stock. I know Im only one man, but a lot of people would consider a car like that more valuable stock as opposed to modded.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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