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Hello, I am 53, in MN + I've owned many 60's full sized Chevy's early on in my hobby -1975 to 1983, They were quite common and cheap in those post gas crisis days or having worked in auto recycling at the time, seemed to be for me. All being our family or race car/boat tow cars.
58 Belair 348 tri power PG (wifes first car and ticket)
59 235 hdtp
60 283 wgn
64 327 Convert
65 SS 396 Impala
65 396 Belair
65 327/3 spd stick wgn
66 Belair Hdtp 283 4speed
66 SS427 Impala-PG + AC
66 Impala 396 PG Stn Wgn
67 SS427 Impala-4speed
67 SS427 Impala-T400
68 396 4dr impala
69 396 Wgn.
69 427 Impala
As you can tell I kind of liked BBC cars. Leaving racing I then switched to street rods in the early 80's. Now being disabled, I need a larger car to drive to shows /cruises that I do not have to build every single mount and bracket for. It seems to make sense to return to my old stand by + start looking here. Plus have a source for tech that has come up since I left the big GM cars. Thank you
BBC Impala
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