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Ok so I'm new here and really didn't know where to post this issue, so I'm from Kansas City and it snowed just a couple of days we got hit pretty good I was going on my way to work (slow) about 10miles coming down a small hill and then I step on the breaks easily and the car started sliding to the side the car started turning like if I was doing a doughnut anyway I end up hitting a water hydrant! No! I did not hit it hard enough to open it and be that fool on tv that hit the water hydrant and water everywhere, I end up hitting just the back wheel of course wheel was bent and it look like I bent a couple other things like the control arm and such. Took the car to a nearby mechanic shop since the car was still driveable left it at the shop so they can look at it, they called me back and say the rear strut (complete assembly), upper and lower control arm and sway bar were all bent! well I told them go ahead and get the parts and fix it since I didn't have any other choice. Picked it the car on the weekend and notice the ride was different and it was kinda fishtailing every bump I hit! I also notice the ride height did not look normal a little high! well my question is does anybody think that the mechanic might of got the struts of a taxi or police impala? are the struts for those cars are higher? oh yeah forgot to mention I have 2008 impala 3.5 ls with the 16inch wheels
any help please I appreciate it

I'll try to upload a picture of the car do you can see the height
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