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I just purchased an 07 Impala with 30K miles. Looking through the info in the glove box, I came across a 2007 Supplement to the warranty from GM. This stated that GM will warrant a 5 year/100K on some things like engine, trans from original in-service date of the vehicle. My questions are 1) Does this warranty transfer over to new owner like the original 36K warranty did? 2) Where would i get the original in-service date? 3) Did original owner have to pay extra and or sign up for this, or was this a standard upgrade to the GM warranty for 2007?

Any info about the warranty and/or any useful comments about the 07 Chevy Impala LT, will be appreciated.

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[1] The warranty will transfer over, but you have to get the dealer to do it for you or do it yourself-it is not automatically done!
[2] Call the 800 number for Chevy and give them thr VIN number and they will look up the original in service date for you. The number is 800-222-1020.
[3] Yes, the original owner had to pay extra for this-A lot extra! It could have cost him over 2K, depending on the type of contract and things it covers. I have one on my 2007 Impala SS, so I KNOW! Get that transfrerred immedialty or it might expire. Call the dealer and that 800# rightaway!!
Good Luck
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