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Alright, here we go. My speedometer is going haywire (jumping up and down badly) and its affecting the transmission.

My 2009 Impala LS got a new refurbished trans because the original took a dive. It was done by an accredited shop. I drove it to Nashville with no issues. This was a month ago.

One weekend I noticed my speedometer starting to jump, wasnt too bad but it got way worse. I noticed that its also affecting how the trans shifts. Ill be going 45 and itll jump to 60, down to 30, back to 45 and down to 20 etc. This isnt good for the trans.

I replaced the Vehicle Speed Sensor on the passenger side. I also replaced the cluster with a refurbished one that is confirmed working.

I did notice that when I replaced the VSS, the thermal wrap around it was coming off. The wire didnt appear to be shorting anywhere that I could see.

I might try replacing the plug for the VSS. If that doesnt work, Im taking it to a dealer so they can diagnosis it.

Anyone on here familiar with this issue?
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