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Well there are a few different ways the engine could be hurt.

Most common is poor tuning too much spark, can cause detonation, as can too much or too little fuel. Detonation cracks rings or pistons and it like taking a hammer to bearings.

Another way it can fail is too much heat from all that power makes the rings grow and the gap that is supposed to be there butt closed, ring jams in the bore and rips the ring land off the top of the piston.

To make the engine handle the boost you are looking at a full engine build. Could go fairly budget and just put in forged pistons then refurbish and rebalance the rods and crank. Have the heads rebuilt with at the very least better springs because with boost trying to open the intake valve you need more spring pressure.

If you get good heads it will make more power but the boost number will get lower, boost is how much air is NOT getting into the engine and when you make the engine move the air with less restriction it makes more power but the stress on the crank snot driving the blower goes down as does the boost number.

What sort of budget do you have and we can try and help you work something out.

Understand though that boost alone does NOT make a car fast. First forced induction Impala I saw in person was 5-6 years ago, was forged pistons(otherwise stock down to the cam) alky injected(intercooling not as fuel) single turbo setup running 11-12psi ran high 12s. I was impressed at that point, but these days and decently done heads/cam car will walk all over that one.
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