Selling remaining parts of my car.

Exhaust has about 30,000 miles, some rust, but will clean up nice.

Hf cats have about 15,000 miles on them, they were custom made by magnaflow in 2.25" vs standard 2" for better flow, one of a kind. Great shape.

Addco bar has maybe 10,000 miles, its rusty, but in good shape, a new one would look the same after not too long.

Stock ltz wheels were taken off around 20,000 miles, been sitting in my garage for ever. Great condition.

Rosen 1010 unit works great, has all the hook-ups for a bose system.

I do not want to ship the exhaust or wheels, and probably not the sway bar.

Wheels new are about $ 700. $500 obo
Exhaust is $1000 new. $800 obo
Cats are $1200 new. $1000 obo.
Sway bar is $200 new. $ 150 obo.
Rosen 1010. $300 obo.