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All offers considered! On eBay now. Item # 120751788170

LS6 To LS4 Intake Manifold Conversion Kit 12573572 | eBay

Disclaimer: The items in this listing are being sold as-is, as used spare parts. No fitness
for any specific use or purpose is implied.

12573572 LS6 to LS4 Intake manifold project.

This project started off as a used damaged LS6 intake with a hole blown in the rear
where the PCV is located. It was decided this would be the ideal opportunity to chop up
a LS6 intake to prototype it for fitment on a LS4 reverse mount application.

Here's whats been done so far:

LS4 TB flange grafted on to LS6 throttle neck
LS4 DOD/AFM electrical plug recess grafted into bottom of LS6 manifold
LS4 MAP sensor mount grafted on to rear of LS6 manifold
LS4 fuel rail mounts grafted on to LS6 manifold
LS4 fuel rail adjusted to fit, and top of LS6 manifold notched for clearance
LS4 oil pressure sending unit mount cut and welded at an angle

This project is not finished. The inside of the throttle neck needs more epoxy applied,
and all the epoxy inside and out of the throttle neck needs smoothed out after. The
cured epoxy behind the brake booster vacuum fitting on the TB flange will need to be drilled.

Here's what's included:

Heavily modified 12573572 LS6 intake manifold
Modified VLOM (valley) cover, with DOD/AFM solenoids
LS4 fuel rail with injectors
LS4 throttle body (early style)
Misc hardware.

I have a lot of hours in this, but have lost interest and now will pass it on to someone
else who is determined enough to finish what I started.

Below is a link to the epoxy used on this project. It is top notch epoxy used to repair
exhaust manifolds etc. I found mixing it in a shot glass works well. Denatured alcohol
works well for clean up.

Manley 40180 Manley Epoxy

Manley 40180 High Temperature adhesive. Two Part adhesive is best for repairing
exhaust parts and other broken parts that are subject to high temperatures up to 1350º F.

Thanks for looking!


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