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LS4 performance

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Anything you would like to know about the LS4 motor found in the 06+ SS models can be found here on this site. So if your looking for the engine performance aspect of the car you may want to look around here.

LS1/LS6 Intake swap: LS1/LS6 intake swap Sticky!!! - LS1TECH

Suspension Upgrades with options: Impala SS Bilstein BMR ZZ GXP Suspension Upgrades Done! - LS1TECH

Shift Kit Install: Shift kit install, very detailed (56K go watch a movie) - LS1TECH

Info on the LS4 and the transmission it carries: Information on the LS4, DOD, and the 4T65E-HD - LS1TECH

LS1 install guides: Information on LS1 installs

how to build a TRUE CAI: 2008 Impala SS LS4 True Cold Air / Ram Air Induction System - LS1TECH

Headers for the 5.3: HEADERS 5.3L LS4 FRONT WHEEL DRIVE HEADER 2005-2009 IMPALA SS/ MONTE CARLO/ GRAND PRIX GXP/ LA CROSS at Doug Thorley Headers

Magnaflow Complete cat back exhaust:

Cartuning Turbo kit: Cartuning Performance
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sticky this thread stephen!
Thanks mixedimpala04, ive been to the page before but i couldnt find the dam things. thanks agian man...
That suspension upgrade.....I'm going to need to get on that.i I know I only have an lt, bit that doesn't matter, everything uses the same mounting holes! I wish I could do that anyway. But that's a lot of green. But after that, my car still wouldn't be fast, but I bet I would never have to slow down in a corner again.
Good info. Thanks for posting!
no prob, figure all the SS guys can get more knowledge.
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G all goes back to the sayin "you get what you pay for"
Dam i would love to do that to my car. but 4 Gz Dammit man... :yikes:
Damn! That turbo kit looks good. But that price tag is scary as hell. Besides, not sure I want to give my transmission any more incentive to die prematurely.
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Damn! That turbo kit looks good. But that price tag is scary as hell. Besides, not sure I want to give my transmission any more incentive to die prematurely.
^^^ I second this...

Not to mention that upon looking at the installation instructions for that turbo kit, there's a few things I didn't care for regarding the process:
1) converting the washer fluid bottle into a methanol bottle...
2) Mounting the ECM directly near the turbocharger - NOT a good thing for the ECM as a result of all the heat being generated from the turbo. I had enough of a nightmare replacing starters every 5-6 months on the '92 Typhoon I had, I sure as hell wouldn't wanna have to keep paying $300 for a new ECM every so often.
3) Mounting the TCM -and I think the ECM also - to the side of the frame, in what appears to be the inside of the wheel well. Maybe it's just me, but I just can't see that being good for either of those modules being that close to not only the extreme heat, but being exposed to the elements and water like that just can't be good...

Here's the install instructions for the turbo kit:
-Page 30, step 47 shows where the ECM and TCM's are mounted.
And also page 16, step 27 is a major LOLz... Just take a look at what they tell you for the low oil level indicator connector... :dunno::WTF::giggle:

I wonder if anyone has actually done this kit... I'd be interested in hearing the results and the downfalls of this on these transverse axle'd V8 W-bodies are.
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There is a vid on youtubenof a guy with info on what he did but it was a dyno vid.
Intake Swap

I'm looking for more info. I've looked at the link LS1/LS6 intake swap. I'm not sure if this is a straight drop with the addition of the fuel rail and larger diameter throttle body. I'm not wanting to be chopping parts and fabricating pieces if I don't have to. I've seen a video on youtube ( LS2 intake manifold with tb swap on LS4 - YouTube ) that shows an LS2 intake being used. I spoke to someone at ChiX performance in Roswell GA today he also told me that I would need to change the intake in order to see the potential the LS4 has. He also pointed out that I would need to disable DoD due to a large number of cam failures that most cars have been experiencing. Just a little point in the right direction before I start spending money and investing time.
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There's an intake valley cover you can get on Ebay (don't remember what brand) that disables the DoD, and also facilitates running LSx intakes without having to modify them. I think it ran around $225.

Wow, love all the work you've done. I may take stuff that applies to MY2013.

he doesn't come online anymore, its been over a year now
That's fine, but, wow! I will definitely look at those control arms, maybe the Bilstein also, but I enjoy the KYB's. The ZZP rear trailing arms is probably my next suspension mod.
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