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I'm thinking about doing an LS4 swap into a custom buggy, but I want to find one in person and take some measurements, to see if this is even possible.
Hi, I see this is older Post, so you might've already found your Info.

If not, I have an '00 Impy I wanted to do an LSx rear wheel drive mod to, and found a shop in Clearwater that purportedly specializes LSx swaps.

I've not used them (yet), so I have nothing more to share than this site/shop as a Reference for you.

You wrote that you are looking at doing an LS4 install ..... there are RWD and FWD versions of LS4s, so you might wanna clarify which LS4 you're interested-in when you talk Shop with them.

...... why anyone would put anything more than 250 bhp in a FWD set-up for a daily driver is beyond me ...... but .. that's Life :)

Good luck!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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