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Hello Folks,
I am driving Impala LS 2014 model, Since two months i am facing a issue after changing battery.

Issue is that once or twice a week, when i try to unlock my car, i found out there is no power, Not Single light is on.
if car is already unlock, i see no lights on dashboard or speedo meter. This Problem stay for 1 to 2 min, after that everything is okay and lights are back and i can start my car. This problem happens once or twice a week and started 2 months ago. Everytime my clock reset to Zero Hours once i got electric power back.

I check with Chevrolet Authorized service center, they inspect my car and advise me to replace Negative and positive electric cables of the car. and Fuse box on the battery. They claims the resistance of these cables is high hence i need to replace it. They said they will observe after that if some other problem will come they will check it.

I have checked my car with some other electrical technicians but they didnt buy the diagnostic from Chevrolet.

I am clueless what to do?
P.S. i have already tighten the battery terminal, changed battery twice in last two months.
Please guide if this problem happened with someone else? or anyone have experience about it.
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