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This problem has been getting worse over the last few years. Last winter it was downright cold in the car with little air getting thru. I'm sure it is a blockage of the airflow but don't know how to go about clearing it. Everything is working well, can hear the fan blowing full speed, have replaced the heater core. I'm guessing the evaporator is where the problem lies. Is there a way for me to clear any dirt and/or debris away that may be blocking the air flow? Can I get a vaccuum in anywhere to suck out the dirt or an air hose in to blow it out?
I tried removing the blower to see if there was a way in there but couldn't get it out because it hit the engine. No room to pull it out! For a big car there sure isn't much room to work!
Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated.
Thanks a bunch! :)
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