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Where would I locate a red 64 impala ss steering wheel, any help would be greatly appreciated thaaaaanx
They know reproduce the Impala steering wheels, but if you can find an original then thats not a bad way in saving some $ as the reproductions get a little costly...things to look for is missing chunks in ring (stress cracks can be fixed with little putty) As far as paint, you would have to paint to match to your desire color just as you would paint any body panel... I would do base coat/clear coat just so you keep the plastic from gassing witch causes the stress cracks! Good luck!!!

Worl Famous Classics has always given me good deals on reproduction parts

On original wheels i saw some on ebay few days back with very low bids... if you dont find none on there hit me up and ill get one for you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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