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loctite on caliper bolts?

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put on front pads and rotors over the weekend. went on test drive and heard noise. apparently when i was distracted by phone call, i didnt tighten up the caliper bolts on one side. one bolt was missing and other one was starting to loosen

i checked all bolts on both sides and tightened again to be sure.

however after taking it on my long drive to work i now hear something loose. its only moderate and not as loud as when i lost a bolt. but when i go back under there if the bolts are loose, should i use loctite?

never used loctite on SS and never had issues. also changed out the rotors 50K ago and never had issues. of course until i get under there i dont truly know if this is even the issue. i used the new clips. perhaps i didnt put them on quite right. ugh. i just know the noise shouldnt be there.
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10 bucks for slider kit at autozone. didnt know was 100 lb. heck i can use my airgun with my torque stick but it wont fit lol

guess ill get out the torque wrench..what is the spec for the caliper bolts?

pretty sure loctite was on the bracket bolts, my breaker bar took lotta juice to break them free.

what is the official wrench to use to hold the inside of the slider while you tighten the caliper bolt? on one , the 11/16 worked but on the rest i had to use vice grips. i tried 2 different 11/16 and the lip was too close to let the wrench in.

yes just the bolt was lost and new kit came with 3 so i have some spares :) and 2 new sliders if i need them.
i had new clips

crap forgot to clean off rotors..well they have 1500 miles on them now...guess too late

turns out i lost another bolt..not happy. put another one on and it wasnt getting tight. the slider must have been stripped. thankfully i had my kit from last week. so new slider was greased up and boot put on and i did not use any locktite on it. however as i was tightening it with the torque wrench, just appears wasnt good idea to keep tightening. i cannot explain it but i didnt get it to 100 with the wrench.

also i know its a silly issue but if you do use the 11/16 on the inside of the slider, its a mother to get it off once u tighten things up. is it suposed to be like that? i'm just using vice grips from now on. i'm glad i bought that slider kit last week. i went on a test and did one or 2 emergency stops and didnt hear anything

i'm amazed i could drive 700 miles this week with no issues with that one bolt missing.
To be clear, the front bracket bolts are 133 ft-lbs. The bolts for the front guide pins are 26 ft-lbs.

Rears are: bracket 88 ft-lbs, guide pins 32 ft-lbs. Data for 2006-2010 Impalas, Haynes Repair Manual. I assume it still applies to the 2014 models.


well then that explains why the old pin was stripped. lol..did it too tight. my guess is i may have messed up the new bolts now since i tightened so tight. sigh. ill wait for them to snap, lose the bolt and buy another kit i guess.
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