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For what it is worth, I have never reapplied locktite to caliper bracket bolts and most certainly never on the slide pins. Getting the bolts torqued to spec is the key... They will never come loose.

Make sure you can clean the slide pins and grease them when you reassemble. Also, if you didn't get new hardware clips with your pads, take a wire brush and scrub the old ones to get all of the built up brake dust and gunk off of them. Dab some lube on them so the brake pad ears can move easily. Lastly, make sure you cleaned the brake rotors really good with brake cleaner or dish detergent and a scrub pad. New rotors are coated with oil to keep them from rusting while sitting on shelves. This oil must be cleaned off before install. All 3 of these steps if not done can result in noise, at a minimum.
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